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Tanzania Mbinga AA, Single Origin

Tanzania Mbinga AA, Single Origin


Varieties: Bourbon, Kents, Typica, and Blue Mountain
Processing Methods: Fully washed

Taste: Hints of red wine, strong mouthfeel, bold acidity


Coffee from Southern Tanzania was historically characterised by a very fruity flavour derived from inconsistent home processing. In the early 2000’s the region received a huge investment of time and effort into post-harvest production. Knowledge on processing and cultivation became more widespread as certification programmes took root. ECOM contributed to this through Tutunze, which was established in Mbinga in 2007 to deliver farmer training and create certified supply chains.


With the quality gap between the North and South now significantly reduced, and with the top end (plus quality) of Southern AA and AB coffees continually reaching new levels in appearance and cup, AA & AB South Plus has become some of the best value coffee available in Tanzania. This process has greatly benefited farmers and producers in the region and Mbinga is now the fastest growing coffee area of Tanzania.

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