We Love Coffee.   

We are a boutique micro roastery, who have a geek-like obsession with coffee. We smell it, we roast it, we brew it, we talk about it, we dream about it and we drink it... a lot!

We provide artisan, finely tailored coffee flavours, which we roast daily in small batches to have the freshest product possible. Our goal is to consistently roast and blend exceptional coffee, which can be enjoyed as fresh and flavoursome as can be.


We brew our beans either in our roastery/shop at 15 Kalmia Street in Ellerslie, or at events, on our one-of-a-kind, self-sufficient espresso bicycle.


The beauty of the bike is (apart from its actual beauty), that it is extremely environmentally friendly, it can  fit in spots that some motorised vehicles can’t. For example in through doorways, small spaces, private houses and gardens, delicate grass, etc.)) and that it can run (if need be) without any access to power.

Besides being passionate about coffee, we are also passionate about the environment. We do our best to help our deteriorating planet and reduce our waste, where we can. We think that if every person does their own little bit, as a whole we can change a lot for the generations to come! Therefore we sell different brands of reusable cups and only use compostable packaging. 

We are so excited for you to try or reorder our beans today!

Just drop us a line for wholesale enquiries at contact@bowandtie.co.nz